grievous bodily harm

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Lewis Poyser, 24, of |Dovedale Avenue, Longford, Coventry: Found guilty of false imprisonment, blackmail and GBH with intent.
Garside said he had admitted the lesser charge of inflicting GBH because he knew that he had done something wrong and it was there in black and white on the CCTV.
Since the company's conception in 1986, GBH Communications has catapulted into the forefront of the industry by providing state-of-the-art technology and outstanding customer service to most of the country's Fortune 100 companies.
However, we believe GBH offers our shareholders the best combination of cost and we look forward to working with their team.
Both Philip McGilvray, 33, and Alan French, 32, were found not guilty of GBH with intent and the lesser charge of GBH at Newcastle crown court.
Two women aged 28 and 29 have been arrested on suspicion of causing GBH with intent, and three men aged 18, 31 and 29 have been arrested on suspicion of wounding with intent to commit GBH.
Phillip Barker, 28, of Coldside Gardens, Chapel House, Newcastle, had pleaded guilty to GBH and assault.
Ashley Hughes, 22, of Gerlan, Llanllyfni, who admitted two charges of GBH and possessing an offensive weapon, received nine years, plus 18 months for possessing cocaine with intent to supply, which he also admitted.
HUNDREDS of Welsh youths have committed crimes including rape, GBH and burglary during the past two years and been let off with just a warning, new figures show today.
They searched Brown's home and found 603 diazepam tablets and 810 millilitres of the clubber's drug gamma-butyrolactone known as GBH.
Almost 12 per cent of reported rapes in 2010 were "no crimed", compared with just 3 per cent of GBH cases, the joint report by Her Majesty's Inspectorates of Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service showed.
But prosecutor William Hunter dropped the more serious charge of GBH with intent against Vainikolo, who had a highly successful career with Bradford Bulls before turning to Union with Gloucester and England.
Luke, who plays Daz Eden, will be sentenced for GBH next week after admitting punching the 16-year-old and shattering his jaw.
Media had been banned from reporting the child's conviction so he could receive a fair trial on the GBH with intent charge.
O'Neil had admitted cruelty but denied murder and five charges of GBH with intent.