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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The US is the world's biggest net consumer of crude oil and any reduction in oil flowing to the region could reduce the strength of the US Dollar which would give GB Pounds a boost.
The anticipated middle office assets under administration will be GB pounds Sterling 23bn, (approximately US$45bn) while assets under custody services, which will include the BT Pension Scheme ("BTPS") -- the UK's largest -- will be in excess of GB pounds 45bn (approximately US$88bn).
Some were lucky enough to get discounts of 20% on the cover price of GB Pounds 11.
Its construction would cost the retailer GB Pounds 8 million, but load consolidation will ultimately offer the company savings that are 20% higher, said James.
6 billion GB pounds, of which 54 percent are services revenues.
In the year ended 31 March 2004, BT Group's turnover was GB pounds 18,519 million with profit before goodwill amortisation, exceptional items and taxation of GB pounds 2,013 million.
Funded by an annual budget of GB Pounds 416 million, its role is to extract information from SARs sent in by banks, property and travel agents and other vendors such as art and motor dealers, which it feeds into the National Terrorist Finance Investigation Unit of the Metropolitan Police.
Some estimates put it as high as GB Pounds 150 billion worldwide.
De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cambridge, UK, ("De Novo"), an emerging computational drug design company, has received its second tranche of funding, totalling 950,000 GB pounds, having successfully achieved all the objectives set by its original investors in April 2000.
MICRO FOCUS GROUP PLC - 1996 FIRST HALF REPORT CONSOLIDATED PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT - IN UK FORMAT in thousands of GB pounds Six months Year to Six months (except per share data) to July 31 January 31 to July 31 1996 1996 1995 (unaudited) (unaudited) Revenue 34,140 77,258 36,802 Costs and expenses Cost of revenues 3,222 8,855 4,035 Research and development 13,203 26,851 11,842 Sales and marketing 22,055 45,200 23,659 General and administrative 5,996 4,986 2,912 Total costs and expenses 44,476 85,892 42,448 Operating (loss) (10,336) (8,634) (5,646) Interest income 884 2,166 1,217 Interest expense (11) (74) (41) (Loss) before taxation (9,463) (6,542) (4,470) Taxation 47 72 (45) (Loss) for the period after taxation (9,416) (6,470) (4,515) (Loss) per share (62.