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a United Nations agency created by a multinational treaty to promote trade by the reduction of tariffs and import quotas

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GATT is in fact a multilateral agreement and one of the expert-level sub-institutes of the United Nations but is not recognized as an international organization.
The Complainants argued that China, through the use of export restraints, engaged in economic protectionism that was plainly inconsistent with the requirements of its Accession Protocol, and unjustifiable under any of the GATT exceptions.
The training program tackled GATT agreements, its concepts and its impacts
The genesis of GATT Article XXIV is somewhat murky, although it is clear from the negotiating history that the major players in the original GATT negotiations (the United States and Great Britain) accepted the wisdom of a "carve out" for customs unions from the outset.
The objective of this research is to examine multilateral trade negotiations by reviewing previous GATT trade rounds as a way of underpinning an understanding of the WTO's Doha Round.
UNCTAD Trade and Development Board endorses the proposals made by the Executive Heads of UNCTAD and GATT for a joint UNCTAD/GATT International Trade Centre.
These rounds were primarily focused on negotiating further reductions in the maximum tariffs that countries could impose on imports from other GATT members.
GATT also announced that Nasdaq has notified the Company that its securities will no longer be listed on the Nasdaq Small Cap Stock Market due to the Company's failure to meet market listing requirements.
however, we have to go back to the history of its predecessor -- the forum as well as the secretariat spawned by the GATT.
The 225 tons was on top of the 724,000 tons of rice imported under the GATT agreement that obliges Japan to import foreign rice equal to 4-8% of its annual rice consumption during the six-year period through fiscal 2000.
The fact that we don't have a challenger to Gore who is challenging him on NAFTA and GATT and all of these economic issues is a tragedy and a very mistaken judgment on the part of progressives," adds Borosage, who is co-director of the progressive Washington-based think tank Campaign for America's Future.
Established in 1947 to encourage the reduction of trade barriers among its 23 member countries, GATT (and now its successor, the World Trade Organization - WTO) has grown in membership to a roster that currently exceeds 125 countries.
antidumping and countervailing duties), which may be imposed unilaterally when members are found to be in violation of a GATT obligation.
5% on the remaining $240,000 due to the GATT rates applicable for overpayments after Jan.