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United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)

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But Garbis is also a businessman who runs his family's three jewellery shops.
They tried to reconstruct the last hours of Garbis and Mayda Tarakjian, who from all appearances died while fighting to escape a hail of bullets shot out of a 9 mm pistol.
Judge Garbis indicated in a letter to counsel on January 19 that he "presently expect[s] to have that [inequitable conduct] decision completed before the end of February, and, hopefully, well before the end of the month.
Anecdotal evidence suggest, weak Indian rupee and Russian rouble have prompted to many depositors to move their money into these currencies to take advantage of favourable exchange rates and higher nominal interest rates," said Garbis Iradian, Deputy Director of Institute of International Finance (IIF).
S'well Bottle Active Bottles Contact: Katie Garbis 1-646-738-8981 Email: kgarbis@swellbottle.
We find evidence of continuing leadership failures on the floor of a Universal City jewelry store where police found the bodies of Garbis and Mayda Tarakjian, killed during a robbery on May 25.
Garbis issued two decisions in Star Scientific's patent litigation against RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Inc.
Unlike in 2009, there does not appear to have been any withdrawal of deposits from foreign institutions," said Garbis Iradian, Deputy Director of Institute of International Finance.
Summary: Lebanon has missed a "golden opportunity" to become an investor's safe haven in an Arab region rattled by political turmoil, Institute of International Finance economist Garbis Iradian said at a conference organized by Byblos Bank Wednesday.
Fereydun ``Fred'' Shahidzaeh, who authorities described as a transient who knew the victims, is accused of two counts of murder for the May 25 slayings of Garbis Tarakjian and his wife, Mayda.
Judge Garbis indicated that the pending decisions on the early 2005 bench trial and two summary judgment motions had not been completed yet, but that the Court would endeavor to issue those decisions "by the end of November and, hopefully, rather sooner.
Garbis Iradian, Deputy Director Africa and Middle East Department of Institute of International Finance.
Garbis in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, United States Courthouse, 101 W.
At the conclusion of the bench trial in February on RJR's allegation of inequitable conduct, Judge Garbis indicated that he would issue his ruling on the bench trial at the same time as decisions on two limited summary judgment motions that RJR had filed in late January and were fully briefed as of March 11.