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United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)

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But Garbis is also a businessman who runs his family's three jewellery shops.
BEIRUT: Lebanon has missed a "golden opportunity" to become an investor's safe haven in an Arab region rattled by political turmoil, Institute of International Finance economist Garbis Iradian said at a conference organized by Byblos Bank Wednesday.
They tried to reconstruct the last hours of Garbis and Mayda Tarakjian, who from all appearances died while fighting to escape a hail of bullets shot out of a 9 mm pistol.
Although Judge Garbis did rule in Star's favor on some issues, management understandably is disappointed with his rulings on the remaining issues, but remains confident that the company will prevail on the enforceability of its patents.
Garbis issued two decisions in Star Scientific's patent litigation against RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Inc.
In this respect, the recent reversal of some fiscal measures signals the limits to further fiscal consolidation and that the monarchy is sensitive to public complaints," said Garbis Iradian, Chief Economist, Mena, Institute of International Finance.
Judge Garbis indicated that the pending decisions on the early 2005 bench trial and two summary judgment motions had not been completed yet, but that the Court would endeavor to issue those decisions "by the end of November and, hopefully, rather sooner.
This shift [to external borrowings] reduces the call on local banks to provide government financing, clearing space for private sector lending to support non-oil economies," said Garbis Iradian, Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa, IIF.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - The slain owners of a jewelry store on Lankershim Boulevard near Universal Studios were identified by police Sunday as Garbis and Mayda Tarakjian.
At the conclusion of the bench trial in February on RJR's allegation of inequitable conduct, Judge Garbis indicated that he would issue his ruling on the bench trial at the same time as decisions on two limited summary judgment motions that RJR had filed in late January and were fully briefed as of March 11.
69 and were granted to the following new hires: Carol Miller, Davone Chounlamany, Robert Conroy, Joseph Latos, Eduardo Travieso, Jay Kim, RuthAnn Rose, Mike Brophy, Ben Bhangoo, Rob Sainsbury, Kai Clarke, Sean Nguyen, Garbis Sevulyan, Stefanie Tejada, Brian Rickard and Dr.
More foreign companies could be based in Dubai to do business in Iran," said Garbis Iradian, Chief Economist, Africa/Middle East of Institute of International Finance (IIF).
The parties were advised by Judge Garbis that in order to accommodate the anticipated pretrial schedule and properly provide adequate trial days, the patent infringement trial will begin on January 24, 2005.
Vice President of Products Jason Garbis uncovers the limitations of traditional network security at the Security of Things Forum on Sept.
But with the some GCC governments holding substantial reserves including the reserves held by sovereign wealth funds, in the short to medium term these governments do not face major challenges," said Dr Garbis Iradian, chief economist for Middle East and North Africa at the IIF.