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an independent nonpartisan federal agency that acts as the investigative arm of Congress making the executive branch accountable to Congress and the government accountable to citizens of the United States

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The protester subsequently requested that the GAO recommend that the Air Force reimburse it for protest costs because the Air Force unduly delayed taking corrective action.
Probing deeper, the GAO found that conditions for targeting a company are quite different among states.
Both the House and Senate Small Business committees have indicated plans to hold hearings on the GAO study and its conclusions.
But the protest people at GAO are a completely different breed of cat.
According to the GAO, during last year's filing season, IRS computer controls were inadequate.
The GAO reviewed 28 cases involving INS and Customs employees convicted of drug-related crimes between 1992 and 1997.
As it turned out, the GAO report did contain two main criticisms.
41) who has tried to stop all ITER-related expenses, asked GAO to investigate DOE's planned expenditure of $12.
Although not written specifically for police trainers, the book contains information, culled from a 3-year GAO pilot study, that should prove useful to anyone in law enforcement interested in teletraining (or distance learning, as it is often called).
TEI will not reiterate the discussion of these approaches in the GAO Report.
Only 10 percent were "qualified" and 21 percent "probably qualified," according to the GAO.
Cites GAO Negligence, Seeks Damages in Connection with Investigation, Faulty Report on Career Colleges