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an independent nonpartisan federal agency that acts as the investigative arm of Congress making the executive branch accountable to Congress and the government accountable to citizens of the United States

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On 13 February 2006, the parties engaged in an outcome prediction ADR conference with the GAO attorney assigned to the protest.
Provides assurance to the Comptroller General and to senior GAO executives that the GAO is fulfilling its responsibilities and complying with requirements.
For now, Stephenson says, the GAO has no further role to play in the process.
The cost to implement GAO's version of incremental development and acquisition would be so prohibitive it would dwarf the alleged cost risks the GAO report asserts,'' the company said.
User Profiles GAO users are accustomed to filling out a document profile before saving a document in an EDMS.
In its research of other related studies, the GAO had read that the primary arguments for mandatory audit firm rotation related to auditor independence, audit quality and audit cost.
Another federal agency criticized by the GAO is the Department of the Treasury.
Regulators interviewed by the GAO said they often chose targeted exams because "these exams take less time, allowing regulators to do more examinations with existing resources.
In the report (GAO-02-172), GAO investigators determined that SBREFA does not "appear to have had much of an impact in the agencies and years that we examined, and implementation [of the law] has varied across and sometimes within the agencies.
I have long, long association with GAO going back to about 1964.
According to the GAO, during last year's filing season, IRS computer controls were inadequate.
The GAO reviewed 28 cases involving INS and Customs employees convicted of drug-related crimes between 1992 and 1997.
As it turned out, the GAO report did contain two main criticisms.
41) who has tried to stop all ITER-related expenses, asked GAO to investigate DOE's planned expenditure of $12.
While DTIC, with its wide assortment of interesting books and reports, can be looked upon as the family librarian, the GAO seems to take on the role of a stem mother.