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Synonyms for Gaia

(Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology


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Paxos is best in the spring or autumn when the waterside tables in the tavernas of Gaios and Lakka aren't overrun with cruising yachties and daytrippers from Corfu.
Loggos, plus the slightly larger fishing village of Lakka, and Gaios the "capital" - itself just a small town - all have wonderful harbours, packed with every type of vessel from blue-water sailors and multi-hulled yachts to local fishing boats.
And you'll be able to find a table in the best tavernas at the main town Gaios without any trouble.
Rent a villa on the outskirts of Gaios where rows of painted pastel houses would pass the taste test with makeover star Carole Smillie.
But just 10 minutes ride on the regular speedboats that leave Gaios Harbour, there's Antipaxos - a virtually uninhabited island with white sands and beautiful clear blue seas.
Islanders in the port village of Gaios take a breather after waving goodbye to the summer crowds and restaurant service becomes more relaxed.