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Four patients were designated non-responders despite improvement on the functional dimension of the GAF scale.
After controlling principal and additional diagnoses, the subjects' GAF scale (DSM-IV-TR) before the treatment started was noted from data files.
The IOM committee further determined that the GAF score has limited utility for assessing disability associated with mental disorders, such as PTSD among veterans, because the GAF scale content reflects its intended emphasis on mood disorder and schizophrenia symptoms.
In many TS adults, motor tics remain more enduring and prominent than vocal tics and, in our study, motor tics were more severe overall than vocal tics and were more closely correlated with GAF scale score," he added.
A number of potential predictor variables were investigated: age, education (seven levels, ranging from eighth grade or less to beyond a master's degree), annual family income (six levels, ranging from under $10,000 to $30,000 and higher), number of children in the client's living unit, number of the client's presenting problems, perceived client difficulty (low, medium, high), GAF Scale score, prior treatment (never, more than a year ago, less than a year ago), gender, employment status (four levels: not applicable, currently employed, unemployed less than 6 months, and unemployed more than 6 months), case urgency (crisis, noncrisis), and referral source (self, other).