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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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Paradyne's products support both residential triple play solutions and business class bonded G.
The system furthermore, supports all types of DSL including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ G.
ECI's Multi-Service Access Gateway flagship, Hi-FOCuS, is a high-density, high-end access gateway that handles thousands of subscriber lines of any type - ADSL, ADSL2+, G.
Nasdaq:SYMM), the leading worldwide supplier of atomic clocks and network synchronization solutions, today announced the integration of its Broadband Network Division (BND), which is focused on the development and sale of G.
This integration is expected to preserve the emerging G.
ADC's current Wi-Fi solutions support two technology applications: one utilizing any customer DSLAM and the other ADC's PG-FlexPlus(TM) line shelf with G.
NASDAQ:ADTN), The Network Access Company and leading provider of telecommunications equipment, today announces expanded G.