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conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion

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This collection of scholarly essays focuses on mystery writers who have selfidentified as Christians, and thus includes Charles Williams as well as G.
During one of his many home leaves for this fever, he began writing for The New Witness--edited by G.
He uncovers connections and variations on the spiritual journey among such pre-World War I writers as G.
Multiple references to Charles Darwin, Walter Bagehot, Johm Ruskin, G.
On the right, we present for the first time in print an original charcoal drawing by G.
Tolkien's 'On Fairy-stories,'" in which the author examines concepts of progress and evolution in "On Fairy-Stories" in relation to similar discussions by Owen Barfield, G.
In the essays, Medcalf discusses a variety of topics: Virgil, the Bible, the English translation of Alfred, Piers Plowman, the "half-alien" creature of the Middle Ages, Chaucer's contemporary Thomas Usk, Shakespeare's images of resurrection, Horace and Kipling, G.
Last night, Tom called me over to his laptop, to read enthusiastically a quotation from a novel by G.
STRATFORD CALDECOTT is an editor of Second Spring and the director of the G.
Tolkien, (members of the literary group, the Inklings), as well as G.
The tiny band of bourgeois goodies down to the present includes Bennett, G.
Lewis has done more to bolster my faith than all other apologists--even G.
In order of treatment, Father Ker's revivalists are Cardinal Newman, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Hilaire Belloc, G.