G. K. Chesterton

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conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion

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Adam Gopnik, "The Back of the World: The Troubling Genius of G.
Diary entry, January 5, 1891, cited by Oddie, "The Philosemitism of G.
El articulo discute el significado metafisico de la paradoja en la novela El hombre que fue Jueves de G.
Da la impresion de que en los ultimos tiempos se ha producido un retorno a la figura de G.
Chesterton And Evil is a seminal work of impeccable scholarship and will prove to be of intrinsic interest to not only academia, but also to non-specialist general readers with an appreciation of the writings of G.
Pearce's rebirth politically, from a 1980s skinhead and sometime candidate for the National Front, to Christian biographer and Roman Catholic (he was received into the Church in 1989), was mid-wifed by that splendid Christian apologist, G.