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minimal clothing worn by stripteasers


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Gone is the ``kiss-and-tip,'' when the hunks would smooch women for a buck tucked in their G-string.
Teddies are available with high-cut legs, thongs or g-strings, and most are priced at $20 ($22 to $45 retail).
Raquel said: "People say I look fantastic for my age, but there will be no more G-strings.
All the guys whipped their kilts off to reveal tiny G-strings.
Paddy's Day green to feathers and glitter G-strings (told you it got a little weird here).
The collection leaves little to the imagination and is made up of peek-a-boo bras, see-through panties and tease and reveal G-strings.
The collection of uplift bras, ribbon-tied thongs, babydoll camisoles and G-strings in satin, lace and mesh were a hit with women - and men buying them for women.
Nothing but ribald reflections from fans who thought Dangerfield should forget respect and go for the glitz in red sequined G-strings or Calvin Klein underwear.
It is mainly males who are buying the G-strings and the aprons.
From the girl who made bottomwiggling an art form in her tiny gold hot pants, women will be Spinning Around to check out the uplift bras, ribbon- tied thongs, babydoll camisoles and G-strings in satin, lace and fine mesh.
And bronzed models were plentiful on the catwalk showing everything from sexy one-pieces to the tiniest of G-strings.
High street shops have sold out of a sexy new line in G-strings and there are waiting lists in some stores.
But rocketing sales for G-strings in high-flying Cork and Kilkenny suggest sporting success is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
CATALOGUE shop Argos have axed a range of G-strings for girls as young as nine after hundreds of complaints.
And even the news that David Beckham, the biggest trend-setter on the planet, was dressing up in Victoria's g-strings did little to dampen the nation's enthusiasm for them.