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minimal clothing worn by stripteasers


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GOING FOR A THONG: Model is wearing a Janet Reger G-string, pounds 49, with a matching; AIR ON A G-STRING: Janet Reger G-string, pounds 25, and bra to match
Nicki sits with her back towards the camera and shows her famous bum in a g-string.
The red underwired bra (pounds 12) and matching g-string (pounds 7) come complete with white faux fur and snowball trim
Coffin n Headstone n Adult toys n Cobbler's anvil n False teeth n Glass eye n Two 50FF bras n Commode n Ashes in a casket n Edible G-string
One Cher look-alike soaked up attention in little more than fishnets, G-string and black leather jacket.
One thing I miss, and you guys hardly put in the mag, are all of those hot skater chicks that hang out at the skatepark with their Independent tank tops and low cut cargos with a little G-string showing.
The Tempest: revealing G-string with low front pouch and gorgeous triangular exposure at the back * The Hurricane: hot G-string with wide triangle front and tri-back * The Storm: stunning era trunks in Lycra with cute feature belt
Black Gossard G-string with pink diamonte heart, pounds 20, Debenhams.
Now, says Scott, it's trendy to flash your G-string above your low-slung trousers, just like many celebrities do.
But a young lady (and I use the term reluctantly) was allowed to parade her near-naked body at the meeting, clad only in a G-string and a net-curtain see-through dress costing over pounds 1,000.
She certainly wasn't shy about flouncing around for most of American Pie 2 wearing nothing but a pair of heels, a bra, and a skimpy G-string.
The dancers have been forced to wear at least a G-string and pasties.
In another, our attention is drawn to a fringe of undepilated hair breaking out from an unflatteringly flesh-toned G-string.