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The new Dynamis PRO system offers numerous treatment delivery options including the gynecological G-set, and F-Runner (fractional) and S-Runner scanning devices for the Er:YAG and the S-11 scanner for the Nd:YAG with a maximum scan area of 42 cm[sup.
Take A = { a, c}, then A is a g-set but it is not a G-regular set.
Then A is a g-set and also a g[PI]-set, but it is not a i-set.
If A, B are two g-sets, then A [union] B is a g-set.
2 A = {a,c} is a G-set andalsoa G[PI]-set, but it is not B-set.
Asubset S in a space (X, [tau],G) is open if and only if it is a G-preopen and a G-set.
Since S is a G-set, then S = U [union] A where U is an open set and Int([PSI](A)) = Int(A).