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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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JOHNNY Depp shines in this gangsters versus G-men action epic.
The famed G-Men return in Michael Mann's eagerly anticipated PUBLIC ENEMIES, out July 3.
On and on they went, about Catholicism and the Irish, and the special quality of Irish Catholics as "truth tellers," as people who "get the bad guys"-prosecutors, G-men and journalists.
The 10 by 12-foot cabin is the largest of approximately 200 artefacts in the G-Men and Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI's First Century exhibit, which opened in June.
The lightning rod of controversy decided to skip the victory parade in the Big Apple, missed a visit to the White House and didn't show up for the ceremony where the G-Men received their championship rings.
By then two of the visitors' G-men, James Graham and Ade Gardner, had crossed for touchdowns on a raw West Yorkshire night.
The G-Men are about to rain on New England's victory parade.
For example, Adon (published 1973-96) was for the college crowd, Samson (from 1982) was for the chubby-chasers, G-Men (from 1995) favored muscled he-men.
Chief Superintendent Jon Hes-keth was flown to the USA to teach the G-men how to deal with tense situations, involving standoffs with killers and hostage-takers.
Gripped by paranoia (and delusion in some cases), HUAC and Hoover's G-men set out to drain America, and its film industry, of anything with the faintest tinge of red.
Gluten Free Foods showcases its G-Men luxury chocolate cookies (pictured) and will display its gluten and wheat-free brand Glutano, including caramel crunch, luxury ginger cookies and orange break bar.
But according to the report, the G-men will be using sophisticated algorithms on supercomputers to accomplish much, much more than mere mortal retailers.
It's unbelievable," he says of the visit from the G-men.
JUST LIKE MOVIE G-MEN AND GANGSTERS OF YORE, today's top cops and thugs need cool guns and clothes, too-and don't forget the personal digital assistant.
CLAIRE BOND POTTER, WAR ON CRIME: BANDITS, G-MEN, AND THE POLITICS OF MASS CULTURE (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1998) 250 pp.