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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Purvis recruits old school G-men like Agent Charles Winstead to provide wise counsel for the inexperienced squad.
coli, and if someone becomes terribly ill from eating one -- a young woman in Minnesota almost died from a Cargill hamburger and will likely never walk again -- nonetheless Republicans remain staunchly opposed to G-men snooping around the slaughterhouse, and so I should never eat another Big Mac or Whopper or any other ground meat other than that ground from whole sirloin by a butcher as I watch.
The G in his G-men seen here could variously stand for gritty, gormless or grey - the latter being Christian Bale's firm-jawed FBI rising star Melvin Purvis, sent by Hoover to hunt down and destroy Dillinger and his gang.
The famed G-Men return in Michael Mann's eagerly anticipated PUBLIC ENEMIES, out July 3.
The forty-year-old Hoag, player-manager for the Class D Gainesville G-Men, begrudged management's decision to recruit fellow journeyman Jake Powell, three year's removed from the majors, because of a slanderous racial comment.
On and on they went, about Catholicism and the Irish, and the special quality of Irish Catholics as "truth tellers," as people who "get the bad guys"-prosecutors, G-men and journalists.
The 10 by 12-foot cabin is the largest of approximately 200 artefacts in the G-Men and Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI's First Century exhibit, which opened in June.
The lightning rod of controversy decided to skip the victory parade in the Big Apple, missed a visit to the White House and didn't show up for the ceremony where the G-Men received their championship rings.
By the time of his appearance, two of the visitors' G-men, James Graham and Ade Gardner, had crossed for touchdowns.
The G-Men are about to rain on New England's victory parade.
For example, Adon (published 1973-96) was for the college crowd, Samson (from 1982) was for the chubby-chasers, G-Men (from 1995) favored muscled he-men.
Chief Superintendent Jon Hes-keth was flown to the USA to teach the G-men how to deal with tense situations, involving standoffs with killers and hostage-takers.
The old days when cops and G-men solved crimes with grit and shoe leather seem so '90s in today's high-tech age, where the government's latest weapon is forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan.
Gripped by paranoia (and delusion in some cases), HUAC and Hoover's G-men set out to drain America, and its film industry, of anything with the faintest tinge of red.
Gluten Free Foods showcases its G-Men luxury chocolate cookies (pictured) and will display its gluten and wheat-free brand Glutano, including caramel crunch, luxury ginger cookies and orange break bar.