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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Characterization has always been one of Brite's strengths, but she writes about Rickey and G-man as if she's known them all her life.
There would be another mother unit for liquid packaging inks at Broendy, near Copenhagen, Denmark, which used to be part of the Sadolin printing inks business before it was merged with G-man to form Casco Nobel Inks in 1989.
Edgar Hoover relationship were based on the columnist's building up Hoover as the great G-man crimefighter in return for Hoover's giving crime-news tips to Winchell.
Every two-bit local wannabe G-man joined the dragnet, searching out and identifying "communist spies.
Those familiar with west Little Rock may notice that the property is just north of the current G-Man digs in the WestLake Corporate Center (once known as the Koger Center).
sewn on by Darren Brown beneath a sort of '50s G-man head drawn by Sergio Bessa.
But it was always hard to like Hoover, even for a junior G-man.
The G-Man is here ("G" stands for government), and his channel is "info-tainment" at its best.
The event will be hosted by notable and award winning remixer G-Man with special guests DJ Cubanito and DJ Xray.
The actor observes: "Early on in his career, capturing outlaws like John Dillinger helped Hoover to fashion the G-Man image in the eyes of the general public.
Public Enemies": Johnny Depp is gangster John Dillinger and Christian Bale is G-Man Melvin Purvis in Michael Mann's Depression-era crime saga.
Edgar Hoover's cross-dressing are appropriate when discussing the life of the famous G-man when books are already filled with truly disturbing things like the social effects of pervasive poverty and Clinton's ``improper relations'' with a certain intern that led to his impeachment?
Fast-forward 63 years: Plastic Man, who is now a G-man, must solve the murder of a smalltime thug.
People wanting to help can donate to the Gerald McClennan Trust, and those who pledge more than 50 dollars (approx pounds 30) receive a signed limited edition art print of the G-man in his prime.
So Solid Artists Ltd run by Mega Man - real name Dwayne Vincent - and G-Man - real name Jason Phillips - asked the registrar at Companies House to dissolve their business in October.