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a unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity


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In the future Veneman wants to update the app, making it possible to send an e-mail to emergency services with the exact location of the accident and the amount of G-force, allowing ambulance personnel to take this into account.
But the best of them all was BMW's hilarious claim that it could reproduce the effects of G-force when driving around town.
Previously, it was not clear whether the changing G-forces associated with space flight may have affected the flies.
While most of the 112 passengers were stuck to their seats due to the g-forces caused by the 140-degree turn, two cabin attendants were injured in the maneouvre.
The equipment will also include the T3 Motion Motiontrak 300 black box in-car video and data recording system, which provides data on vehicle speed, location and g-forces.
The human body can handle increased g-forces as seen in activities such as dragster races, airplane acrobatics and space training.
The G-forces in a display can leave pilots semi-conscious.
Human beings can tolerate G-forces in the range of 10 G for an instant.
The recorder had activated automatically when it sensed the car being put under unusual g-forces, caused by the reckless speed of the drivers.
Given the G-forces exerted on the neck throughout the course of a grand prix weekend, Schumacher knows how vital it is to withstand the stresses and strains that will be placed upon him.
The badly-repaired car suffered 70 per cent more cabin intrusion, and the driver would have been hit by 20 more G-forces.
He also experienced zero gravity in the so-called Vomit Comet and underwent serious G-forces in a US Air Force centrifuge.
Over the last two days of action in the skies, the 15 pilots wore a new high-tech flight suit that helped them to cope better with the high G-forces they were subjected to when racing.
The phenomenon that is Murphy's Law began while the major was the development engineer for the Air Force's MX981 project, which tested human tolerance to G-forces during rapid deceleration.