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the study or prediction of future developments on the basis of existing conditions

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We brought in a lot of outside help -- military advisers, futurologists -- we got together with a scenario planner from the Department of Defence, who is active in the Pentagon.
You get the feeling that this is a preemptive move after years of dashing expectations that futurologists come with a crystal ball and mystical ability to see through the mists and pronounce on what lies in store for the human race.
This book is written for Specialists in all energy fields, including renewable energy technology, environmentalists, economists, social theorists, policy specialists, futurologists.
That is why 20th century futurologists like Herman Khan and Buckminster Fuller could make long-term predictions about the new world that would confront humankind some 30 years later.
He must understand that, as an ambitious successful public figure working in a league many degrees lower than the Premiership, futurologists will keep his name in mind for a move upwards.
Thus begins a panel discussion featuring two futurologists, an environmentalist, and a creationist.
Hundreds of epidemiologists, virologists and futurologists have now been at work on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome for weeks and we still don't have the first clue about how dangerous it really is.
What is debated in white papers from journalism think-tanks and futurologists and -- what else?
Beware of futurologists, particularly those who profess expertise in predicting risk problems.
It has been the vision of environmentalists, inventors and futurologists.
Join us for lively debate with the industry's most respected futurologists and hear the very latest thinking, technological innovations and best practice next March.
The event was led by visionaries from leading information technology companies, futurologists, research institutions and social commentators who gave their views on how mission critical communications could develop.
That is not just a question for the futurologists among us, it is something currently exercising the minds of Northumberland County Council's planning and development chiefs.
The year 2011 was envisioned by many futurologists in the last 100 years to be full of jumpsuits, electronic cars and mobile satellite phones.