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an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date

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The offering of futures trading addresses one of the key challenges facing bitcoin as a currency -- volatility.
The world has two established market mechanisms where the price of natural gas is determined: Henry Hub/NYMEX in the US which has the lowest price, and the EU having a higher price but no futures trading mechanism.
The (CSRC) said that the futures trading will help stabilize egg prices by increasing liquidity in the market, and could act as an efficient commodity hedge in the long run to promote stable development of the egg industry, according to China's (Xinhua) News Agency.
8220;By our new live futures trading service offering, our customers are empowered with various options to find more ways to invest and carefully manage potential risk,” said Mr.
It hopes that futures trading will lead to the posting of bellwether prices for rice, thus helping farmers and traders evade risks in price fluctuations.
Bringing the three additional currencies into futures trading will give investors more flexibility to hedge their risks against volatility in exchange rates.
A large number of studies examine the relationship between futures trading volume and the price volatility in the underlying asset or market.
They worry that restrictions could drive futures trading from the U.
Therefore, research on the relationship between futures trading and spot market volatility has been important issues to generate for academicians, regulators and investors alike.
India looks set to keep curbs on trading rice and wheat after extending a four-month ban on futures trading in soybean oil, rubber, potatoes and chickpeas to cool inflation, Bloomberg has reported.
India is likely to keep the export ban on rice and wheat, after extending a four-month ban on futures trading in soybean oil, rubber, potatoes and chickpeas to curb high prices, a report said.
The National Multi-Commodity Exchange (NMCE), Kochi, India, recorded 1,063 metric tons (mt) of physical delivery of rubber in the February series that expired in late February, taking the total physical delivery of the commodity since the beginning of futures trading at the exchange to 30,612 mt.
As we reported in February, the London Metal Exchange, or LME, will introduce the world's first commodities futures trading in plastics on May 27.
The agencies are the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Until recently, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, an independent federal agency that oversees the commodities market, enforced registration requirements on anyone giving advice about futures trading, whether through traditional print publications or the Internet.