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Synonyms for futuristics

the study or prediction of future developments on the basis of existing conditions

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The working sessions were designed and delivered by Professor Sohail Inayatullah, UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies, says a press release issued here.
The result is that futures studies does not easily fit within the framework of our traditional university structures.
Kahn and Wack focused on a particular tool of futures studies, scenario planning.
Throughout this process, several prominent figures in both futures studies and Houston's industries came to the school to speak to us and provide firsthand insight on the material we learned in class.
Learner's perspective (Muszynska): Futures studies is an entrance for "thinking about the future" and doing "out-of-the-box-thinking," but you actually collect the most knowledge in practice.
edu/future Offers undergraduate futures studies courses in its Institute for the Future.
Create a community interested in futures studies and research.
Mannermaa was an active member in many futures groups, including the Council of the Finnish Society for Futures Studies, the World Futures Studies Federation, and the World Future Society.
While employed with the federal government and military for almost three decades, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve on many staff advisory positions where I learned about futures studies and research.
Futures studies at the university level is a too-rare occurrence, so it is a great pleasure to have 29 academicians come together under one title to discuss the possibility of studying the future in the university.
French futurist Michel Godet of the National Conservatory for Arts and Industries in Paris strives to bring academic futures studies into the reach of business people, managers, policy makers, and others who most need the tools of the trade.
The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies edited by Richard A.
The Futures Studies Academy of Russia has announced its first research project, focusing on national and international problems and decisions for the years 2001-2010.
This first volume, History, Purposes, and Knowledge, sets out to explain what futures studies have been, are, and ought to be.