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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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The CFTC will protect the US futures markets regardless of where those who engage in illegal spoofing practices are located.
The Bill is designed to protect public interest through a system of effective self-regulation of futures markets, clearing systems, market participants and market professionals under the oversight of the SECP.
First, we employ the error correction model (Engle and Granger (13)) to examine the cointegration and lead-lag relationships between the spot and futures markets in Taiwan, both before and after the opening up of futures market to foreign investors (QFIIs).
One of the original reasons for developing commodity futures markets was to facilitate commodity producers' unloading of their commodity price risks to other economic agents.
The migration of clearing for the ICE Endex futures markets is the second significant transition undertaken by ICE Clear Europe this year and follows the migration of the NYSE Liffe's London derivatives market in July.
Min and Najand (1999) investigated possible lead-lag relationship in returns and volatilities between cash and futures markets in Korea.
Most notably, Friedman's paper stated, "Whatever else happens in international financial arrangements," there will be "a major need for a broad, widely based, active, and resilient futures market.
Additionally, establishing connectivity to China's agricultural futures market is an important step for FFastFill and our clients, creating access to a market of enormous potential.
Futures markets have a set of circuit breakers, some of which tripped on May 6.
Primary economic function of futures markets is price risk management, and hedging is the most common trading strategy.
The product, which is expected to be issued between July 7 and July 14, 2008, mainly covers arbitrage trading on China's three commodity futures markets, with total scale not exceeding CNY200m.
However, futures markets perform an important function of price discovery to help improve efficiency of the market.
Lower transactions costs and trader anonymity provide relative advantages to futures markets for conveying information of informed traders/speculators.
of Reading, UK) introduces the general properties of stock index futures markets and analyzes some of the economic forces at work in index future markets.