futures exchange

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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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One Year after Emerging as Carrier Neutral Operating Company, PCL Enters 2007 Debt Free and Poised to Capitalize on Future Market Opportunities
Table 116: Brazilian Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis for Automotive Turbochargers Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in Thousand Units for Years 2013 through 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-110
Table 48: US Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis
Winning this award, they will also have the opportunity to communicate face to face with executives of multi-international companies, globally-renowned scholars and experts, investment bankers, consultants and analysts to exchange viewpoints about the global market, enhance brand channel building, and finally succeed in leading the future market.
They believe that the markets will react to events in certain ways and that they can predict future market prices based on these events.
As things stand, China has become a market driver in basic materials markets, meaning future market conditions for recyclers could be predicated on developments in China as much as they are on developments in North America.
Due to these losses and an uncertain future market direction, clients have had to rethink their investment strategies.
Table 41: World Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis
Our methodology follows a well-known process of looking at changes in individual indicators and then weighting them appropriately in a process that results in a single indicator of future market activity.
Table 1: World Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis
Primary research with key osteoporosis opinion leaders providing insight on future market entrants and innovative R&D projects in the disease area
An assessment of country-specific drivers and resistors likely to impact the market is provided together with the future market outlook for individual products taking into account key market events in particular, patent expiries, and competitor launches.
Table 46: US Recent Past, Current & Future Market Analysis
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