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The Financial Dashboard provides a clear and powerful picture of the city's financial performance, areas that need improvement and future predictions.
He said Bahrain's geographic location meant it was more prone to natural disasters, particularly based on future predictions of increasing water levels.
Future predictions are that in 2015, tobacco will account for 10% of all deaths worldwide.
Discussions included assessments of purchasing strategies, progress updates on existing projects being undertaken, detailed studies on current healthcare needs and future predictions, and proposals for training programmes in order to equip Iraq with the medical workforce any thriving country needs to sustain the health of its people.
Even so, there are some future predictions that are much lumpier, and the one I'm having trouble swallowing at the moment is that one day we'll all be watching movies shot not on industrial film cameras, but on mobile phones.
Future predictions by the World Travel and Tourism Council expect an 8.
95) tells how companies spend millions to turn future predictions and uncertainties into reality, charting the courses such professionals take to become proactive, reveal new business trends, and benefit from future predictions.
Using a modelling process called Monte Carlo simulation - which considers future predictions and "unobservable shock" based on past experience - analysts looked at uncertainty in the housing market and possible outcomes in the short and long term.
Many in our world approach the biblical words as future predictions that are coming true and so see the cataclysmic events from the Bible in the events of the news.
It combines an overview of the current IT marketplace with specific knowledge of the enterprise applications sector to provide future predictions of an SAP employment arena which it believes will require hybrid 'business-technologists'.
The current market price for credits is around US$8-15, and if future predictions are correct, that price could rise to US$25 in just a few years.
The MPC was always trying to look 12 and 24 months ahead and seeking to match reality happening day by day with future predictions.
The new Deerhunter EDGE from Speedtech Instruments is a handheld instrument that informs deer and elk hunters the current and four-hour future predictions of game animal movement and location.
By using the latest technology, including a new generation of satellites, they hope to make future predictions of environmental change more accurate.
Italy, France and Germany are pretty close to a recession, and future predictions about the other Western European countries are anything but positive.
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