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an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date

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To be sure, some of the earlier Austrian authors and especially Bohm-Bawerk focus on the intertemporal value spread between present and future goods that Braun attacks.
1) Bohm-Bawerk attributes the preference for present over future goods as a tendency brought about by three complementary causes (Herbener, 2011, pp.
The first, if it is the basis of discounting future goods (such as benefits of global warming in the instant case) would yield a higher rate of discount than if the latter were the premise of such choice.
Mises argued that time preference is evident in the discount of future goods as against present goods, and in the discount of lower-order goods or (future) products as against complementary higher-order goods or (present) factors of production.
Mises defended the notion that individuals place a higher value on present than future goods (or satisfaction) (ibid.
The contingent prices of future goods decrease with z' reflecting that in states of nature that z' is low, goods are more scarce and more valuable.
The following proposition establishes the effect of irreversibility on the spread of the contingent prices of future goods ([[psi].
With few exceptions, markets for future goods and services do not exist.
The badness of death for the person who has died is a combination of three factors: being deprived of future goods (deprivation), being deprived of any possibility of further existence (extinction), and being vulnerable in that one has lost the goods one already has (insult).
In 1977 they issued a statement entitled "The Implication of Recombinant DNA," writing that "our actions must not only point to or produce future goods.
The IRS National Office supported the taxpayer's claim that the sale of extended maintenance contracts was an obligation to provide future goods.
Unlike most virtual items within a Facebook game, the Back to the Future goods provide a functional benefit - giving players special abilities to earn more points.
This return is determined by the societal rate of time preference, which is the premium on present goods (money that can be spent on consumption) over future goods (money that is earned from investment).
The Administration's Goods Movement Action Plan (GMAP) released in January 2007 identifies priority projects and lays out a comprehensive plan to address California's present and future goods movement needs.
is the agio, or discount on future goods as compared with present goods, i.
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