futures contract

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an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date

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This translates into a lower premium on present goods over future goods and ultimately a smaller price spread and lengthier structure of production.
The fact that the time market spans over multiple exchanges provides a crucial insight on both the demand and supply of present goods, namely that one must consider the demand and supply of future goods as well.
Since, as explained earlier, the original factors demand present goods and also supply future goods, the pure demand for present goods on the time market must describe both the markets where the factor is bought and where the finished good is sold.
The first, if it is the basis of discounting future goods (such as benefits of global warming in the instant case) would yield a higher rate of discount than if the latter were the premise of such choice.
The contingent prices of future goods decrease with z' reflecting that in states of nature that z' is low, goods are more scarce and more valuable.
The following proposition establishes the effect of irreversibility on the spread of the contingent prices of future goods ([[psi].
In this special case, if [gamma] [greater than or equal to] 1, the contingent prices of future goods for the irreversible economy ([[psi].
With few exceptions, markets for future goods and services do not exist.
The IRS National Office supported the taxpayer's claim that the sale of extended maintenance contracts was an obligation to provide future goods.
Unlike most virtual items within a Facebook game, the Back to the Future goods provide a functional benefit - giving players special abilities to earn more points.
the discount of future goods as against present goods (2008, p.
is the agio, or discount on future goods as compared with present goods, i.
The Administration's Goods Movement Action Plan (GMAP) released in January 2007 identifies priority projects and lays out a comprehensive plan to address California's present and future goods movement needs.
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