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an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date

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If Cllr Cowans had ever run a small business he would realise the difficulties involved, it's no good apologising in advance and saying it's for the future good if there will be no businesses to take over in the future.
He can go on ground with cut in it, but trainer Andrew Lynch has stated he wants it better and that is reflected by the fact he won on good to firm at Gowran Park in 2013 and put up the best display of his life in last season's Coral Cup, finishing a neck second behind Aux Ptits Soins, with future good winners Activial, Taglietelle and Volnay De Thaix just behind him.
It is rather a decision between a present good on the one hand--eating an apple--and a combination of a present good and a future good on the other.
I was looking forward to going back there in the very near future good meals, brilliant service and impeccable sta
8220;Also, homing a clean, well groomed dog with a new family promotes a precedence for future good care from new owners, which in turn, spells even more success for the dog in their new life
In my case, it is personally rewarding to know I will be contributing to the future good health of the game with my support for the USHA and its many programs that help keep the game alive.
He said in future good news would be coming more and the news of load-shedding and subversion would become extinct.
He says for the future good health of the game in the principality, the sport's governing body have to act.
My wife and I wish Leanne and her friends every success in their future good work.
He will convert one's sins into good by forgiving them and will reward one's present and future good deeds in the best way.
And at a time when Scotland risks being sucked into divisions too bitter for our own future good, Margo's political life serves as a reminder that it is possible to have disagreement without rancour and that people matter more than parties.
They helpfully pointed toward the remaining difficulties we face in understanding the systems that keep Canada from facing past evils in order to enter future good.
I must admit, for the presumed future good of the country, to being something of a sympathiser
With a term limit, he said a president would be discouraged from making an "unpopular decision," even if it was "necessary for the future good," because his eye would be on reelection.
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