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an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date

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And at a time when Scotland risks being sucked into divisions too bitter for our own future good, Margo's political life serves as a reminder that it is possible to have disagreement without rancour and that people matter more than parties.
To elaborate, the present good (money) is exchanged in the factor market when the capitalist hires the factors, while the future good (money) is earned after the production process has occurred when the capitalist sells the product.
Fred Swaniker, founder of the African Leadership Academy and African Leadership Network, brought the baton home with his message of creating a system that raises a generation of good leaders, who will in turn create a ripple effect of raising future good leaders.
They helpfully pointed toward the remaining difficulties we face in understanding the systems that keep Canada from facing past evils in order to enter future good.
I must admit, for the presumed future good of the country, to being something of a sympathiser
While the superstars of the sport will always be a spur to the next generation, Diack said the best way to ensure the future good health of athletics is to make it available to all.
I'm hopeful that because we have such a good, young group, that trend will continue, and we'll attract future good players to the SPM program.
Given that a new class of preferred institutional investors were making a move to consolidate their control of the board, and given that in the future good governance would dictate eliminating the VP from the board anyway (as a second employee inside director), the best governance decision would have been to keep me (his chosen outside director) and remove the VP, but he did not.
It is when most of our bets are losing that we might just be able to spot mistakes we have been making all along, and put them right so that in future good times might last a little longer, and bad times not quite so long.
For example, the wife will know what foods the husband should eat and the children need to be educated about healthier foods for their own future good health.
An esprit de corps emerged among the men, which greatly contributed to their sustained commitment to the company and its future good health.
There are six core active consumers who can be targeted with nutritional products: 'disciples,' who believe that diet is very important and are therefore compulsive in their purchases (8%); 'managers' who balance competing priorities as best they can (48%); 'healers,' who feel compelled to eat more healthily owing to specific health problems (9%); 'investors,' who make healthy choices to ensure future good health (17%) and 'strugglers,' who yo-yo between healthy and unhealthy eating (13%).
In Aquinas hope correlates with Christian humanism in two ways: "(1) as the human good in the present, because hope sustains and animates Christian life in the pilgrim state by allowing the wayfarer to lean on God for any difficult good insofar as it is ordered to God (which manifestly includes the present common goods of social and political life); and, (2) as the transcendent object of human happiness, because hope moves the believer to God as his or her future good through great difficulties that culminate in death" (40).
Frazer's set his side the e t target of improving on last season's performance as he builds a solid base for the future good health of the club.
It's the greatest single step you can take to ensure future good health," he says.
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