nuclear fusion

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a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

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The energy from a single deuteriumtritium fusion reaction is carried away by a neutron and a helium nucleus.
This fusion reaction happens about a million times faster than a stick of dynamite explodes.
Scientists across the world have been trying for decades to harness the energy released by fusion reactions.
Seoul, May 12 (BNA) North Korea said Wednesday it succeeded in producing a nuclear fusion reaction, a claim that appeared to be aimed at increasing its bargaining power before the communist state rejoins stalled six nation talks on its nuclear ambitions.
The idea is to use inertia, rather than for example a magnetic field, to confine a fusion reaction just long enough to get really hot.
In 1989, scientists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann of the University of Utah announced that they had initiated a room temperature fusion reaction.
The plant's chamber has an unusual, asymmetrical to maximise the chances of a fusion reaction.
Teller's interest in the possibility of a fusion bomb was first piqued by Enrico Fermi, who suggested, in the fall of 1941 that the heat from a fission bomb might produce a fusion reaction in deuterium.
Such explosions have two stages: a primary, in which conventional explosives trigger fission in a material such as plutonium; and a secondary, in which a fusion reaction between different forms of hydrogen boosts the primary reaction.
The heat produced by the fusion reaction is used to produce electricity.
To exceed scientific break-even is the most hotly sought-after goal of fusion research, in which the energy released by a fusion reaction is greater than the energy put into it -- an achievement that would have extraordinary energy and defense implications.
there were a lot of difficulties, thus succeeding in nuclear fusion reaction
Rail managers filed an application for a patent in December 1970 for a space vehicle powered by "controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction ignited by one or more pulsed laser beams.
BRITISH and Japanese scientists came a step closer to creating a controlled nuclear fusion reaction yesterday.