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any of various tropical shrubs widely cultivated for their showy drooping purplish or reddish or white flowers

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Mrs Blair, wearing a fuscia frock coat over a red and white patterned knee-length dress, exchanged jokes with onlookers as she made her way through the crowd.
MAKEUP: Electric blue eye shadows, fuscia lips and blush.
As I took in the surroundings of dimmed lighting, retro-chic dAcor and a cute DJ called Gaz in the corner, I speedily applied my ultimate pulling power tool (9 carrot fuscia diamond lip gloss) and thought to myself 'Honey.
According to the narrator, her sisters, Azucena and Fuscia, have discovered their own selves as a musician and as an actress.
Evening dresses were twisted and slashed into dominatrix-style shapes then made up in fuscia pink, canary yellow and bright green.
The baby-pink and fuscia creation, with a gilt chain strap and, a front flap like a slice of watermelon obviously belongs to a girlie-type who thinks a lot about food presumably.
The Super Party range is available in a series of colours and each year the company introduces the very latest in colour trends -- this year, it's a vibrant fuscia.
4) Color rojo o azul Color verde Acido periodico-reactivo Coloracion policromatica de Schiff Floroglucinol--HCl Color fuscia o rojo Cloruro ferrico Color morado oscuro Iodo en cloruro de zinc Color negro Azul de anilina Color amarillo verdoso (Observacion con luz polarizada) Sudan III Color anaranjado Sudan IV Color anaranjado Reactivo Referencia Azul de toluidina O (pH 4.
We collected the arrethete fuscia plant for Arrenye to make his emu awelye and to sing Raffi's leg strong again.
Check out these fuscia cuties from Asda that look great and offer super support.
Couples seeking more vibrancy can select themes such as Indian Summer that brings together orange, fuscia and yellow with dark wood.
Ian Paul Duggan, 35, of Fuscia Way, Rogerstone, was bound over to keep the peace in the sum of pounds 200 for 12 months after a charge of using threatening words or behaviour was dismissed.
Linda Evangelista It looks like the supermodel has been taking lessons from Katie 'Jordan' Price in how to look like a loo roll holder, with this fuscia pink number that is as garish as Jordan's puffy pink wedding dress.
With plenty of choice at Debenhams, you can also add those final touches with many of the smaller accessories available, including fuscia pink and turquoise glass tea lights, jewelled picture frames and incense stick sets.
50, from Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Fuscia pink embroidered kaftan, pounds 45, from Warehouse PICTURES: WARD McNEILL All other clothes and accessories model's own Leopard print kaftan, pounds 39.