furring strip

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strip used to give a level surface for attaching wallboard


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An alternative is to fasten furring strips to the bricks 16 inches on center with Tapcon fasteners.
In my own experiences, I have found using eight-foot furring strips to be quite effective and inexpensive for tall electric fence posts.
According to Random Lengths, a Eugene-based firm that tracks the wood products industry, Armstrong makes pallets, fencing, stakes, furring strips and lath for sale around the West Coast.
The asymmetrical design, consisting of modules attached to furring strips on the back wall, breaks the wall into squares, rectangles, and recesses that flank the existing but refaced fireplace.
Using a 7/8" drill bit, drill holes in the two 8' 2 x 4s and one of the furring strips (about 2"-3" in from each end).
The siding sandwiches furring strips, rigid insulation, air infiltration barrier, and a cavity for wiring
In order to save floor space, attaching thinner furring strips to wall and insulating with rigid foam insulation is another option.
The long, L-shaped retaining wall was built of railroad ties but shingled to match the house (horizontal furring strips nailed to the ties provided an even surface for nailing shingles).