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Synonyms for furry

Synonyms for furry

covered with hair

Synonyms for furry

covered with a dense coat of fine silky hairs


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The Super Furries have also withdrawn from a support slot with legendary American group the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Dublin's Lansdowne Road on June 25 for the same reason.
But first up the Furries will play this year's Triptych festival in Scotland.
The Scottish SPCA's nine centres are caring for 162 small furries, with some rescued after being found dumped in the street.
Furries are mostly young people who design and create cartoon or mascot animal costumes and wear them out in the street.
But rock done Super Furries style is, of course, a little different from your commonplace indie band.
SMALL pets like a little extra something now and then, so Supreme Petfoods has launched a special range of Crunchers (left), designed specifically for small furries.
It's been ten years since I first fell in love with the music the Furries create but this was the first time I'd ever seen them live.
Rhys, 39, was, for a brief period, lead singer of the Super Furries when they formed in the Bangor area in the early 1990s.
And then the Furries burst on to the stage and treated everyone to a run through of their varied back catalogue.
one of living Those so far con-firmed to take part include SFA frontman Gruff Rhys, The Earth - the group featuring Daf and Mark Roberts of Catatonia - Cian Ciaran, also of the Super Furries, with a solo set and a line-up of The Peth, the band featuring Rhys Ifans on lead vocals.
In a possible sign that maybe, just maybe, the Furries are near to working together again two members of the iconic Welsh band have collaborated on a new song.
This non-stop schedule could spell creative incontinence, but with the Super Furries it's an abundant, recurring show of love.
A spokesman for the Furries said: 'They hope Alex Hamilton will have done the decent thing and sold Wrexham FC in order to safeguard the club and the stadium by the time the show happens.
Even a low-key Super Furries knocks spots off most other bands.
Although the Super Furries have not yet had a Top Ten hit, their long-term future looks a lot rosier than those of some of their more superficially successful peers from three or four years back.