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At lunchtime, I'd go back in the workroom and sit around a cutting table with the furriers.
In our sensible shoes, woolly hats and scarves we felt as uncomfortable as a pair of fur seals in a furriers.
But there was always order around David Green Master Furriers.
Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said: "You see fur on the catwalks now, but that's only because furriers are hurling it at designers free of charge.
04POLICE were searching for smash and grab raiders who targeted a furriers in Church Street in Liverpool city centre.
Oser and was one of the city's original fur buildings along a corridor that today continues to be dotted with furriers.
Petitions and boycotts can be effective weapons in the battle against furriers and retailers who sell such products.
Luckily for Yang and his fellow furriers, the necessities of economic development in China's impoverished western regions and the weakness of animal rights groups in China have kept the pressure off the nascent industry.
Rather than originating in the fading military nobility and then spreading vertically downward through networks of clientage, Catharism ramified horizontally from minor urban nobility, merchants, and the upper ranks of the artisanate, especially furriers.
The local paper, which carried ads for all the local furriers, juxtaposed news photos of the two groups, giving the impression they were of equal size--and making sure to focus on the most unkempt individuals in the anti-fur crowd.
THE exclusive salon of furriers Bodley, Bodley and Crouch in the West End of London is the setting for this upper crust comedy.
During off-hours, free-spending Wall Streeters create jobs and business for restaurants, cigar bars, furriers, masseurs, travel agencies, interior design firms and helicopter companies for weekend forays to the Hamptons.
Furriers in the 1920s-40s made coats move in fantastic ways.
Furriers from all corners of the world gravitate four times a year to North Bay's Fur Harvesters Auction.
Astone's throw from my preferred cafe is where the Old Market had been located for centuries, and also the ancient Street of the Furriers, which, according to Rocke's book, were two conspicuous stomping grounds of artisans and working-class 15th-century queers looking for sex.