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The Commerce Minister said that Lahore College of Fashion and Designing also produces skilled manpower for furniture industry.
The report also reviews issues relating to collective bargaining and unions' impact on the furniture industry in Canada.
The furniture industry is hugely important to all of Mississippi.
In the UK, the furniture industry employs around 128,000 people in 7,400 businesses, it is also the second largest industry sector in the Midlands.
Solimao Henken, Benfatto Furniture's export manager, sees a more unified Mercosul furniture industry as a good opportunity.
The American furniture industry has over 1,500 manufacturers of upholstered furniture, with annual sales estimated at $8.
Leslie brings a strong understanding of the furniture industry to her new position," said Warren Shoulberg, HFN editor in chief, in making the announcement.
Cable management has become one of the biggest advances in the furniture industry in quite some time.
The office furniture industry is enjoying some good times and should for the foreseeable future.
In 2011, the output value of China's office furniture industry was CNY 82.
economic recovery continues, the American furniture industry is struggling to get its bearings.
And, said 20/20, "The furniture industry is not listening" and "measures that could save lives have not been taken.
residential furniture industry to task for being way behind the times when it comes to meeting consumer expectations.
The previous ownership's intent was to create a design center for the contract furniture industry that represented a low-cost alternative to the high Manhattan rental rates of the 1980s.
The worldwide furniture industry promises significant growth opportunity in near future as the global economy and worldwide real estate industry is booming at the present moment.
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