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Synonyms for Furnarius

type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds

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Furnarius rufus (Gmelin, 1788) (Aves: Furnariidae) and their inquiline birds, the true hosts of Acanthocrios furnarii (Cordero & Vogelsang, 1928) (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cimicidae).
Ploceidae) y el hornero Furnarius rufus (Gmelin) (Furnariidae), en el caso de Caminicimex furnarii (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) (Carpintero & Aramburu, 2007).
Es el caso de Furnarius rufus, Machetornis rixosus o Pitangus sulphuratus entre los mas observados.
Zusi (1993) also stated that the proximally rhynchokinetic Furnariidae, such as Margarornis rubiginosus and Furnarius leucopus, may have evolved from ancestral doubly rhynchokinetic furnariids and other species or from furnariids with extensive rhynchokinesis.
In the anthropic area, including a small village, we frequently found many generalist species, like Pitangus sulphuratus and Furnarius rufus.
Furnarius rufus Cherrie & Reichenberger (hornero).
Hasta el momento fue citado en los nidos de barro de Furnarius rufus (Gmelin) (<<hornero>>) y en nidos de Passer domesticus (L.