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tested Cardinalidae 2 54 Columbidae 4 270 Dendrocolaptidae 4 17 Falconidae 3 5 Furnariidae 12 201 Icteridae 3 137 Passeridae 1 87 Phasianidae 2 8 Polioptilidae 2 7 Troglodytidae 1 17 Turdidae 8 132 Tyrannidae 1 370 Range of [PRNT.
The aim of this study is to contribute detailed information on broader aspects of the breeding biology of this member of a large family of passerine birds, the Furnariidae.
Segunda parte (Aves: Falconidae, Scolopacidae, Thinocoridae, Columbidae, Psittacidae, Strigidae, Caprimulgidae, Apodidae, Furnariidae, Rhinocryptidae y Tyrannidae).
The woodcreepers, a subfamily (Dendrocolaptinae) of the Furnariidae (Remsen et al.
We observed similarities and differences when comparing incubation periods, fledgling periods, and growth rates with other members within Furnariidae that nest in excavated cavities with predominantly rootlet nests (Philydor, Hylocryptus, Automolus and Xenop; Zyskowski and Prums 1999).
The Furnariidae consists of a large variety of species that have colonized a wide diversity of habitats from tropical rainforests to savannas and deserts (Fjeldsa et al.