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  • verb

Synonyms for furbish

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for furbish

polish and make shiny

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Look after Furby by keeping it healthy, cleaning it, feeding it and even taking it to the bathroom.
The glory of getting the Furby lasted until Christmas morning, when I learned that someone else in the family also had bought one of the creatures for my daughter, and it was a better color.
Some people told them that Furby was a bearded collie; others said the dog was a sheepdog.
For additional interactive fun, owners can visit the App Store to download the free Furby app.
Stephanie Gonzalez, brand manager for Hasbro, said: "If you're very sweet to your Furby and spend a lot of time petting and tickling it, then your Furby will have a lovely personality.
JOSEPH CLABBY, president of regional operations for Ace USA, will succeed Furby as president of Ace Continental Europe.
The ACE Group of insurance and reinsurance companies the ACE Group, headed by ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE), has named David Furby as division president of Commercial Property & Casualty for its Overseas General operations, the company reported on Thursday.
Top, from left, Apolonia Wallace of Palmdale shows a ring she bought for $15, Stan Milatovic of Chatsworth purchased a painting, Richard Ramirez and Ophelia Aguayo leave Spelling's estate sale with Louis Vuitton luggage they bought for $1,600 and plan to resell, and Mathew Wallace of Palmdale shows off his purchase, a Furby he plans to sell on eBay.
Whether it's an epidemic of missing adolescent boys, a stalker who might be Ellis's deceased father or one of his fictional creations, or a possessed Furby doll intent on wreaking havoc, the author's always compelling storytelling skills will keep you turning pages.
To renovate a property at 251 Furby Street and increase House of Hesed's occupancy capacity to 10 spaces for HIV/AIDS clients, as well as provide one space for a live-in care worker.
A letter to the editor challenging the report that the Furby field was 70 times weaker than that emitted by a digital telephone was rebuffed handily by the investigator (Can.
The Midlands is set to be gripped by another wave of Furby mania as a new era of the furry creatures is born.
THE flu epidemic sweeping Britain has claimed its most unusual victim - a fluffy white Furby.
Hasbro at our deadline was hoping to begin sending contracts to as many as 25 potential Furby licensees, launching a stepped up product development effort that would have the first merchandise on the market this spring.