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  • verb

Synonyms for furbish

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for furbish

polish and make shiny

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The glory of getting the Furby lasted until Christmas morning, when I learned that someone else in the family also had bought one of the creatures for my daughter, and it was a better color.
For additional interactive fun, owners can visit the App Store to download the free Furby app.
For the first time owners will be able to interact with their Furby via an iOS app.
Prior to being named to his most recent role in 2005, Furby was president and chief executive officer of Ace Tempest Re Group in Bermuda.
s, as well as Tiger's other products including Interactive Gizmo, Furby and Furby Babies via infrared transmissions.
Furby Buddies, designed for very young children, have just been launched.
The Furby is supposed to mimic his owner to learn language - but the first sounds he was exposed to were the sounds of a human flu victim moaning and groaning.
NASDAQ: HAS) today announced that it will roll out a wide-ranging licensing program supporting the return of FURBY in 2012-2013.
One is a sweet, baby Furby and then, without warning, it suddenly turns into what Zoe calls 'that big fat man' which talks in a gruff American male voice and burps and farts.
99) Take care of your sick toys with this eightpiece set Furby Boom
In a stark contrast is the cute and lovable interactive Furby from Hasbro, which makes a reappearance in the Terrific Twenty.
Dominic Furby is in line for the Firefighter of the Year award, organised by The Fire Fighters Charity.
Now Furby is back in a new version that has 500 kilobytes of memory, which is six times what the original had, and uses voice recognition to respond to its owner.