ulnar nerve

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a nerve running along the inner side of the arm and passing near the elbow

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He was knocked clean out by Funnybone, who chased the screaming girl as far as Paradise Street, where a policeman on his beat responded to the screams.
D' Funnybone, a son of D' wildcat, has won three of four starts, including a 43/4-length victory in the Grade 2 Futurity at Belmont Park on Sept.
The heart sinks at the lame joke of featuring a Reliant Robin on the cover, but the ears and funnybone are then delighted with the music lying within.
It's a tad on the sweet side so it could tickle your palate and funnybone as an aperitif.
The staid computer media, perhaps tired of writing about USB input devices and Microsoft's legal problems, has found its funnybone with a host of articles comparing the similarities of Surfline iron and the iMac.
If we had sent Leonard Nimoy in search of the Women's Movement funnybone, he would have come back with videotape of Lorena tossing it out the car window.
He made collections of his verses in Mushrooms (1916), Funnybone Alley (1927), and Selected Poems, 1912-1944 (1945).
with Dara O Briain as he tickles your funnybone in Dundee on Tuesday, Dunfermline on Wednesday and Glasgow's Armadillo on Friday and next Saturday.
Aiming to tickle your funnybone are |comedians, above Toby Foster, top left Lee Hurst and, right, John Shuttleworth
Until then, second generation British Asians had not been seen as a community with a funnybone, but because we were coming from a completely new place, our material was very fresh and untested on the public.
In other words, this story about a woman who sleeps with a married man (Alec Baldwin) goes on a bit too long and it's not always going to be tickling your ribs given that Steve Martin lost his funnybone years ago.
It's known as the funnybone because the upper bone of the arm is called the humerus.
D' Funnybone, ridden by Edgar Prado, captures the Futurity.
The Comedy Cafe is being billed as a stand-up "gym" for professional and amateur comedians - in other words, just about anyone who fancies giving his or her funnybone a workout, together with (hopefully) the audience's stomach muscles.
Now well into his seventies, he hits the funnybone again tonight with the latest helping of his wacky brand of humour, Family Plan.