ulnar nerve

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a nerve running along the inner side of the arm and passing near the elbow

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D' Funnybone, a son of D' wildcat, has won three of four starts, including a 43/4-length victory in the Grade 2 Futurity at Belmont Park on Sept.
If we had sent Leonard Nimoy in search of the Women's Movement funnybone, he would have come back with videotape of Lorena tossing it out the car window.
with Dara O Briain as he tickles your funnybone in Dundee on Tuesday, Dunfermline on Wednesday and Glasgow's Armadillo on Friday and next Saturday.
Aiming to tickle your funnybone are |comedians, above Toby Foster, top left Lee Hurst and, right, John Shuttleworth
05pm The first instalment of this new series looking at what tickles the funnybone of the nation's famous faces is sure to round off a stressful week and have you laughing all the way up the apples and pears to bed.
In other words, this story about a woman who sleeps with a married man (Alec Baldwin) goes on a bit too long and it's not always going to be tickling your ribs given that Steve Martin lost his funnybone years ago.
It's known as the funnybone because the upper bone of the arm is called the humerus.
D' Funnybone, ridden by Edgar Prado, captures the Futurity.
The Comedy CafE[umlaut] is being billed as a stand-up "gym" for professional and amateur comedians - in other words, just about anyone who fancies giving his or her funnybone a workout, together with (hopefully) the audience's stomach muscles.
They are utter professionals who tickle the British funnybone with an irresistible brand of clean fun and silliness.
One will give you goose bumps, and the other will attack your funnybone.
Jim Carrey hits all the right funnybone buttons when he gets to play God for a week.
HALFWAY through the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and with two weeks still to go, we asked three stand-ups tickling your funnybone how their Fringe has gone.
Michael Palin made his name tickling the nation's funnybone as a member of the Monty Python team.
You can't so much have a sigh without some plonker trying to tickle your funnybone.