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and Asian health-care authorities to investigate a growing number of fungus infections among contact-lens wearers.
Athlete's foot: Occurs when chronic perspiration softens the outer skin and allows fungus infections to develop.
With an estimated 40 million people in the US suffering from toenail fungus infections, PathoLase is committed to making our PinPointe FootLaser system available to as many sufferers as quickly as we can throughout the US," noted John Strisower, CEO of PathoLase.
The active ingredient in Mycocide NS Antifungal Treatment has been recommended by physicians for years as safe and effective in treating fungus infections.
Within an hour or two of getting them home the mollies developed fungus infections - no doubt stressed out by the Man-in-Charge's driving - and so began the cycle of water treatment, water changes, charcoal removal and worry.
Nystatin topical powder is the generic version of Westwood-Squibb's Mycostatin(R) topical powder; an antibiotic used in the treatment of diaper rash associated with bacterial, yeast or fungus infections.
That cost advantage is documented, but some recent generations of washables have been chemically treated to reduce bacterial and fungus infections and to neutralize ammonia and its odor.