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fungal infection of the cornea

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AIM: To study the efficacy of intrastromal voriconazole injection in Recalcitrant Fungal Keratitis
DISCUSSION: Our study revealed that fungal keratitis accounted for 34.
2, 3) This present case report is to report a case of fungal keratitis caused by a rare species of fungus: Helminthosporium.
KOH wet mount is of great diagnostic value in the management of Fungal Keratitis and is recommended in all clinics for establishing timely treatment.
Among the causes of trauma, fungal keratitis had vegetative matter and Bacterial keratitis had metallic foreign bodies more commonly.
M Jayahar Bharathi, R Ramakrishnan, S Vasu, R Meenakshi, R Palaniappan; Epidemiological characteristics and laboratory diagnosis of fungal keratitis.
Clinical features such as longer duration, elevated, plaque like serrated/feathery margins of the ulcer , raised slough, dry surface (texture),satellite lesions, Weiss ring, endothelial plaque, coloration of the ulcer other than yellow (suggestive of diatomaceous fungi) and thick hypopyon were noted and categorized as patients with fungal keratitis.
Molecular characterization, biofilm analysis and experimental biofouling study of Fusarium isolates from recent cases of fungal keratitis in New York State.
Objective: To study the post-treatment visual outcome of fungal keratitis.
There were no filamentous extensions, satellite lesions, or ring ulcers suggestive of fungal keratitis.
Patients with significant ocular pathologies like herpes keratitis, VKC, bacterial and fungal keratitis, glaucoma, punctal plug placement, punctal occlusion and vitreo-retinal diseases were excluded from the study.
Aetiology of suppurative corneal ulcers in Ghana and south India, and epidemiology of fungal keratitis.
Mould endophthalmitis is usually exogenous with most cases occurring as an extension of fungal keratitis (Keratomycosis) after penetrating eye trauma or after eye injury.
The patient was diagnosed with fungal keratitis and viral keratitis based on previous medical history, clinical manifestations, and corneal smear results.
Key words: Aspergillus species, fungal keratitis, keratomycosis, ocular, bird, avian, khaki Campbell duck, Anas platyrhynchos domesticus