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Trying to silence the alarm over the fungal infection, Dr Rajpal said infections
The flies were retrieved after the mission and researchers found that they were more apt to get fungal infections.
The advent of medical progress-including the wide use of medical hardware, such as central lines; successful management of immunosuppression in patients with transplanted organs; and immunomodulatory agents for treating underlying diseases from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis-has contributed to the increase in fungal infections in immunocompromised hosts.
This project aims to develop novel agents with completely new ways of acting in order to combat the increasing tide of drug resistant fungal infections.
MycAssay(TM) Pneumocystis, for the detection of infections caused by Pneumocystis jirovecii was launched earlier this year and further tests in the MycAssay(TM) series will also target critical fungal infections, such as Candida.
Antifungal creams such as Daktarin and Canesten can be bought over the counter and, if applied regularly, are usually effective in treating fungal infections.
The new Pharmacor report entitled "Severe Fungal Infections" finds that market competition will continue to intensify and the generic erosion of key agents and a dearth of promising emerging therapies will limit growth to a modest two percent annually from 2007 to 2017 in the severe fungal infections drug market.
A FUNGAL infections of the skin are common, particularly in places that get hot and sweaty such as the belly button.
section of the site has information on fungal infections in people, animals, and plants, plus a separate section devoted to yeast infections.
Nektar Therapeutics, San Carlos, CA, announced the FDA has granted Fast Track designation to Amphotericin B Inhalation Powder (ABIP) for prevention of pulmonary fungal infections in patients at risk for aspergillosis due to immunosuppressive therapy, including those receiving organ or stem cell transplants, or treated with chemotherapy or radiation for hematologic malignancies.
LAS VEGAS -- Results of two large studies have shown that prophylaxis with oral posaconazole can prevent invasive fungal infections in bone marrow transplant recipients and patients with hema-tologic malignancies, Dr.
The probiotics will help to correct the bacterial balance in your body and reduce your susceptibility to fungal infections.
Microterrors: The Complete Guide to Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Infections That Threaten Our Health'' (Firefly Books; $19.