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an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter

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Recognize the fact that fungal growth is an issue and train employees to recognize the signs or identify problem areas.
Our results shown that progesterone, testosterone, andestradiol proved to reduce fungal growth, whereas, hydrocortisone had no such effect.
Pernicious anaemia and iron deficiency anaemia are both associated with a sore, red tongue but the fungal growth thrush is the most common cause.
In our tests, they reduced fungal growth by more than 80 percent, and we hope to improve on that going forward.
In some of these studies, a team led by Brown used a reporter gene in conjunction with the assay to assess the amount of fungal growth in kernels.
Other properties include hardness of 60-90 durometer A, maximum tensile strength of 3,000 psi, good to excellent compression set, excellent resilience, and resistance to ozone, sunlight, UV radiation, salt spray and fungal growth.
Stress on the trees due to climate change and the conditions favouring fungal growth, mean tree stock all over the country is suffering losses.
It is resistant to the extremes of heat generated by the engine and in some applications has been found to reduce the effect of fungal growth invasion, which deteriorates copper fuel lines.
Volatile components released from MBT-treated wood inhibited fungal growth on untreated wafers.
But there are a couple of cultural techniques that will help to minimise the fungal growth.
But they were stood down after an officer at Southwick Cemetery, Sunderland, discovered it was a fungal growth.
Vascular occlusion prevents systemic antifungal agents from reaching their targets, and ischemia favors the development of acidotic tissue, which is ideal for fungal growth.
Once the fuzzy grey fungal growth appears on the foliage, causing it to discolour and rapidly deteriorate, the disease may then spread into the main body of the plant.
Radon, dust mites, environmental tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and fungal growth were the next-highest risks.
As the chips go into the pile, the fungus and a nutrient are applied and the temperature is maintained to optimize fungal growth.