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Synonyms for fun

Synonyms for fun

activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement

actions taken as a joke

to make jokes; behave playfully

Synonyms for fun

activities that are enjoyable or amusing

verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)

violent and excited activity

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But having spoken to Dr Mariana Funes and read her book Laughing Matters, I know for sure that laughter is serious stuff and vital for a healthy, balanced life.
I have knowledge, from reliable sources, of the request from the US IRS [Internal Revenue Service] for an investigation into the crime of tax fraud, or tax evasion, and probable money laundering, and that it involves known former officials of previous governments and a former president," Funes said Oct.
The report culminates more than a year of research and reporting on events in El Salvador since the March 2009 election of Mauricio Funes.
We will immediately establish diplomatic, cultural and commercial ties with Cuba, our sister nation," Funes said during his inaugural address.
I want to make it known to Mauricio Funes from the FMLN that in this close battle the margin of difference has given him the advantage," Avila said, recognising the end of two decades of rule by his party.
And despite claims the 24-year-old would struggle, Funes Mori has quickly settled into life in the Premier League.
Funes Mori though, has surprised the Blues boss since arriving from Argentina.
In practical terms, it no longer exists," PNC Director Rigoberto Pleites, a Funes appointee, said in early March.
In the interests of justice, reconciliation and a stable democratic future, CDA strongly supports the recommendations of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission and all efforts by the government of President Funes to resolve these and other crimes committed during the war, to finally allow the victims, their families and the Salvadoran people to rest in peace.
Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, who represents the political wing of the leftist rebels in El Salvador's 1980-92 civil war, said when he was elected in March 2009 that he sought the "kind of government envisioned by Monsenor Romero," including a commitment to the "option for the poor," a phrase found in church documents and in liberation theology, which holds that the Gospel rejects the historic disequilibrium between privilege and wealth of the few and the vast poverty of the majority in many Latin American countries.
Mauricio Funes, the candidate of a party composed of former leftist rebels, will take office on June 1.
Speaking at a convention of his Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, Funes said, "We are going to open diplomatic relations with our Cuban brothers and their government.
Police were called to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank after the 18-year-old woman told staff she had given birth to a stillborn baby, said Officer Eduardo Funes of the Los Angeles Police Department.