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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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Her detailed historical contextualizing of funerary rites demonstrates how important individual artists and ritualists were in actually creating a funeral culture in Thailand in the nineteenth century.
Discussing the funeral rites of the Mewahang Rai, however, Gaenszle himself, drawing on the work of Bloch and Parry, notes that such funerary rites often abound with symbols of fertility and the regeneration of life.
These same traditions that nurtured Mandela as a child also served as the basis of his funerary rites to facilitate his return to the spirit world, the ancestors.
Superbly enhanced with more than one hundred full color photographs of these often rare and sometimes obscure instruments, Sounds Of The Silk Road introduces the use, history, sounds, playing techniques, decorations, and symbolism of these instruments that were so integral a part of Asian cultures from the warding off of evil spirits to the celebrations of life's milestones including marriages, births, and funerary rites.
The archaic ties of funerary rites interweave with the present, where the vision of death is almost always framed within a medical context or traumatically set on the front pages of war reportage.
Filtered through the screens, the wooded landscape of pine, beech, hornbeam and spruce forms a serene backdrop to the funerary rites.
Mask-making is an African tradition used in ancestor worship, funerary rites, initiation and coming of age ceremonies, museum officials said.
2) Research suggests that some enslaved peoples were permitted control over burial practices of their family and friends; as a result, African funerary rites were administered in many such situations.
There's also an Egyptian jar supposedly used in funerary rites which was later declared a fake.
The author applies the anthropological theory that traces of ancient customs generally survive longest in the manners and ritual of fertility ceremonies and funerary rites.
Protestant reformers sought to separate them thoroughly, encouraging less emotional funerary rites, less ostentatious burials.
It was during this period when rulers erected large temples for the funerary rites, but had their belongings and mummy buried in unmarked burial chambers in the Valley of the Kings near Thebes.
In translation, when Arrabal refers to the "glossalalia" of the garden, it seems more to relate to the literal - the raucous polyphony of insects passing through the three stages of their lives, noisy with sex and death drives - than to raucous art-acts of other writers who are self-consciously seeking strategies to represent the original impulses that led to the development of funerary rites, monument construction, and interment rituals.
Thus, they looked more and more to the other traditional source of cadavers: poor foreigners and others without families nearby to worry about their funerary rites.
The ritual feeding of Katumuwa's soul offers insight into the metaphor of food and funerary rites that occur in Hos.