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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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CONTACT: Hugh Morrison, chief executive officer or, Ross Stewart, chief financial officer of American Funeral Services, 713-524-8881; or, Gerard W.
AMFS) CO: American Funeral Services Corporation ST: Texas IN: SU: TNM
Analyse the factors that affect demand for funeral services
Original research is at the heart of the report, prepared through interviews with funeral services suppliers, trade associations, and trade magazines.
The volume and value of the UK funeral services market between 2000-2009 (000 funerals, GBP million & EUR million)
American Funeral Services is the owner of ten funeral homes and ten cemeteries in the Southwest and Southeast United States.
Of the 1,800,000 shares sold in the offering, 1,490,556 were newly issued by American Funeral Services and 309,444 were sold by certain shareholders.
We are delighted to provide the innovative and pragmatic solutions that will enable Wilbert Funeral Services to streamline operations and reinforce its commitment to quality products and services," said Larry DeLeon, Executive Vice President, Global Field Operations for Frontstep.
Further south in Los Angeles County, the two Halley-Olsen Funeral Chapels, Stickel Mortuary and Bade Mortuary handle in excess of 880 funeral services each year.
m Thursday, December 20, 2007, at the funeral home; funeral service 11 a.
m Wednesday, December 19, 2007, at the funeral home; funeral service 10 a.
Funeral service 12 noon Saturday, June 16, 2007, at the funeral home.
Funeral service Monday, March 05, 2007, Funeral services at the convenience of the family.
Funeral service 12 Noon Saturday, November 20, 2010, from the funeral home with a Mass at 1p.
Funeral service Noon Saturday, May 15, 2010, Funeral Mass in Holy Angels Church, Milford St.