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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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10) In all known cases the bon and gshen are ritual specialists involved mainly in healing rites and funeral rites, and their ritual functions overlap a great deal.
In this and other ways, the changes in funeral rites both reflected and contributed to the broader social transformations of early-modern Europe.
His funeral rite was due to take place later on Wednesday at 4.
Temesgen Weldegiorgis briefing groups of journalist during Ethiopia communities pays last tribute to Meles funeral rite in Unity State capital Bentiu Photo By Bonifacio Taban 2-Sept-2012 (ST)
Time and again, it is the funeral rite that makes the death real for family and friends.
The last funeral rite was attended by the senior government officials, including the regions vice president Riek Machar, the minister of peace and CPA implementation, Pagan Amum, the minister of health, Luka Monja, and presidential advisor Joseph Lagu Yanga.
Summorum Pontificum provides for celebration not just of the Mass, but of the other sacraments and also the funeral rite according to the 1962 formula.
Do you think the rituals of the Catholic funeral rite are feeding people?
The funeral rites of the dead Indian prisoner are expected to take place around 2 p.
Registrar, Ilyas Ahmed disclosed that welfare amount for funeral rites and ceremonies were provided to the family within two hours while pension, group insurance and other dues to be provided soon to them.
The murdered NGO staffs were buried in their respective villages after funeral rites.
Especially as they have already read my funeral rites.
Church law used to forbid Catholic funeral rites for suicides.
Hundreds of people gathered at a sports field in the centre of the farmers' home village for funeral rites.