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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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A "robot priest" adorned with Buddhist robes and a hi-resolution tablet is now programmed to perform funeral rites for less cost than a human.
In this and other ways, the changes in funeral rites both reflected and contributed to the broader social transformations of early-modern Europe.
Temesgen Weldegiorgis briefing groups of journalist during Ethiopia communities pays last tribute to Meles funeral rite in Unity State capital Bentiu Photo By Bonifacio Taban 2-Sept-2012 (ST)
Do you think the rituals of the Catholic funeral rite are feeding people?
The funeral rite for the potential prehistoric royal may have involved her family arranging her body so that, in death, she clasped a 25 centimetre tall ceramic beaker that was decorated with geometric patterns pottery drinking vessel in her hands.
The last funeral rite was attended by the senior government officials, including the regions vice president Riek Machar, the minister of peace and CPA implementation, Pagan Amum, the minister of health, Luka Monja, and presidential advisor Joseph Lagu Yanga.
Summorum Pontificum provides for celebration not just of the Mass, but of the other sacraments and also the funeral rite according to the 1962 formula.
The average Catholic probably has not gone to workshops on the Catholic funeral rite, but by celebrating Catholic funerals I think the average Catholic could tell you what the church has to say about death.
In 1996 the bishops approved revisions in the English-language funeral rite to permit the presence of cremated remains at the funeral Mass.
CHICAGO - The 42-hour funeral rite of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Chicago's seventh archbishop and fifth cardinal, eclipsed anything this city had seen since the burial of the former mayor, Richard J.
His body will be brought to Quetta for burial while date of his funeral rite will be announced by his heirs in coming days, family sources added.
He was, however, of the view that 'sanctity of funeral rites should have been upheld'.
Furthermore, the Sector Commander has directed the removal of obstructions from all routes in the State leading to Oko Town, the venue, where the proper funeral rites of late Icon will be performed while efforts will be geared towards improving traffic control and decongestion.
The bodies were handed over to the families following the funeral rites.