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AEGON decided to sell the Dutch funeral insurance business as a result of the company's ongoing review of its portfolio of businesses.
The first Swedish sick and funeral insurance societies were established in the early 1700s within various trade guilds.
Acquirer: Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville Health-care equipment, caskets, funeral insurance
Insurance Department fraud investigators alleged that the Stephenses received funeral insurance premiums but failed to submit them to the insurance.
Likhandlela Insurance is a free funeral insurance cover which helps towards preparations of sending off a loved one in dignity.
Death care costs are financed through the purchase of pre-need funeral insurance policies.
Tigo has a funeral insurance service, where credits are awarded on the basis of voice use, and a mobile health information service is provided (a user can check symptoms by sending details to short code number).
Plans for the future: Son, Brady, is now our in-house Purple Cross funeral insurance agent (No.
THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, April 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- AEGON has completed the sale of its funeral insurance business in the Netherlands to Dutch investment firm Egeria for EUR 212 million.
AEGON announces the sale of its funeral insurance business in the Netherlands to Dutch investment firm Egeria for an amount of EUR 212 million.
Other prepayment options include a pay-on-death bank account, life insurance policies that cover funeral expenses, or special funeral insurance, purchased through a funeral establishment.
In the United States, federal and state prosecutors and insurance commissioners say Frankel led a scheme to buy several preneed funeral insurance companies though Thunor Trust, Franklin American Corp.
Gunn Funeral Home also offers guaranteed issue funeral insurance,, which is a policy that insures a prearranged funeral upon down payment.
THE Co-op has launched a pre-paid funeral insurance plan for the over- sixties.