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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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Dr Julian Litten, a Cardiff University graduate and long regarded as the country's leading expert on funeral customs, will be speaking at the Julian Hodge Lecture Theatre in Colum Drive, Cardiff, where he will cover all aspects of death, mourning and commemoration in the 19th century.
Street crime, the first modern circus of Philip Astley, the struggles of the poor, corner pubs, Bedlam, Newgate Prison, funeral customs, and growing political tension concerning the revolution in France form the intriguing background of this fast-paced, exciting story.
We compared different forms of commemoration across time, from obituaries to funeral customs.
The results are shedding light on many aspects of daily life among early peoples, such as their technological skills and funeral customs.
That required wholesale destruction and partial reconfiguration of intercessory clergy, liturgies, patterns of conventional intercession and memorial, and the web of funeral customs.
Commentators have rightly cited the Rus cremation that the Arab traveller Ibn Fadlan witnessed on the Volga as evidence of ancient Germanic funeral customs, and there the honour of lighting the pyre belonged to the dead man's nearest living male kinsmen.
Nationally, these personalized touches include following funeral customs of other cultures.
A favorite unusual destination for past travelers included the Museum of Death in Hollywood which includes a grisly romp through funeral customs, celebrity murders, freak animals and the art of the condemned.
We encounter old traditions like the vigilante mob justice of the ceffyl pren, funeral customs, otter baiting and fox hunting.
It was identified as the skeleton of a woman aged about 70 years, according to the funeral customs of the early Western Han dynasty, the distance between the chin and the pit of the stomach; bone structure and thickness; as well as other evidence.
Ya Po Cha teaches the Hmong Language at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento and here presents a broad overview of Hmong traditions, covering subjects such as wedding rites, funeral customs, superstitious taboos, and the extension of Hmong culture into politics and the arts.
She has recorded funeral customs and has discussed how the concept of the person is embedded in death rituals based on her fieldwork in Kulalau, a village in Central Paiwan.
These attitudes are part of a larger shift away from traditional funeral customs and toward non-traditional life celebrations aimed at honoring loved ones in upbeat, personalized ways.
It said police were ignorant of Sikh funeral customs, and criticised the Crown for failing to provide a translator for Surjit's father Darshan.