Fundulus heteroclitus

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silver-and-black killifish of saltwater marshes along the Atlantic coast of the United States

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Effect of CYP1A inhibition on the biotransformation of benzo(a]pyrene in two populations of Fundulus heteroclitus with different exposure histories.
When adult mummichogs, Fundulus heteroclitus (a predator of grass shrimp) were placed on either side of an aquarium, grass shrimp shifted their distribution to the opposite side.
0 ppt salinity: Cyprinodon variegatus (4), nematode in intestine (1), Lucania parva (29) Proteocephalus in intestine (15), Posthodiplostomum in viscera (8), Spiroxys in viscera (1), Fundulus heteroclitus (5) Posthodiplostomum in viscera (4), trematode in intestine (1), Proteocephalus in liver (1), nematode in intestine (1).
Recent studies have shown the presence of NHE in the gill tissue of two marine teleosts, the long-horned sculpin, Myoxocephalus octodecimspinosus, and the mimmichog, Fundulus heteroclitus.
Hepatic neoplasms in the mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus from a creosote-contaminated site.
BenzojaJpyrene effects on glycine N-methyltransferase mRNA expression and enzyme activity in Fundulus heteroclitus embryos.
Growth and abundance of Fundulus heteroclitus and Menidia menidia in estuaries of Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts, exposed to different rates of nitrogen loading.
Influence of egg size on embryos and larvae of Fundulus heteroclitus (L.
Comparative morphology and behavior of larval salt marsh fishes: Fundulus heteroclitus and Cyprinodo variegatus.
were significantly more abundant on the reef plots than on the control plots, whereas unadjusted analyses revealed the same pattern for Gobiosoma bosc, Menidia menidia, and Fundulus heteroclitus.