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medical instrument for examining the retina of the eye

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Fundoscopy revealed optic disk edema, but no afferent pupillary defect was seen.
With other imaging systems, such as OCT or fundoscopy, the surface of the interior eye is illuminated evenly, but the SIO takes a different approach.
18] Malignant hypertension on fundoscopy was defined as grade 3-4 hypertensive retinopathy.
If the patient has been referred to you by an ophthalmologist as stable following treatment, then annual fundoscopy is indicated.
Fundoscopy was normal, and apart from the incomplete third nerve paresis, examination of all other cranial nerves was normal.
The use of a simulator, especially for the training of fundoscopy techniques, is valuable for novices in eye examination.
His blood pressure was noted to be 250/150 mmHg, and fundoscopy showed bilateral papilloedema.
If the patient has undergone lens surgery, dilated fundoscopy and/or optical coherence tomography is indicated to exclude cystoid macular oedema.
COSMOs identified deficiencies in knowledge and training in ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology and urology, as seen in mean scores <4 for fundoscopy, management of red eye and urological conditions (Table 2).
Terminal neck stiffness was present but fundoscopy, visual fields and eye movements were normal.
The diagnosis of PCMO can generally be made on clinical examination through dilated fundoscopy.