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the interpretation of every word in the sacred texts as literal truth

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Fundamentalist Christian relief workers who traveled to Indonesia to help rebuild the country after the devastating 2004 tsunami have been accused of inflaming interfaith tensions in the region by secretly targeting Muslims for conversion.
Straton's defense of biblical infallibility and inerrancy became a model for later generations of Baptist fundamentalists.
A fundamentalist is usually considered to be a person who adheres strictly to a doctrine, viewpoint or set of principles that are considered original and 'pure'.
Assad urged India, which he said has a reputation of being an independent outside so-called power blocs, to put pressure on Turkey and other countries in the region to really work for building up a democratic movement against President Assad and avoid power falling in the hands of dangerous fundamentalists.
That's why we should wait patiently and see whether the Muslim fundamentalists live up to their promises when in parliament.
Fearing that if they hold wrong beliefs, they will go to hell or will not be "taken up," fundamentalists ferociously deny ambiguity and defend "truth" even in the face of conflicting evidence--and thus submit themselves to what has been called a "sacrifice of intellect.
Utilizing categories previously employed by theologian Roger Olson, Utzinger argues that "centered set" movements such as fundamentalism and modernism overlapped with "bounded set" denominations, forcing fundamentalists and modernists to develop and articulate different eeclesiologies.
Intelligent design and fundamentalist opposition to evolution.
Whenever he had the opportunity, Bogard reported on fundamentalists who endorsed ideas diametrically opposed to Landmark Baptist ecclesiology, using guilt by association to link the offending party to Norris.
The most fundamentalist church I went to--a fundamentalist hipster church--was in one of the most liberal areas in Seattle.
Fundamentalists are distinguished from other religious conservatives by their militance.
Fundamentalists of any stripe believe they have the word of God and reject any modern idea that homosexuality is an natural expression.
Beyond the political sway that Jewish fundamentalism has by virtue of its representation in the Israeli Knesset, "significant number of Israeli Jews who are not fundamentalists identify and support" some of their demands that would inevitably hinder any possibility of peace such as the building of the Temple (p.
Carter's views about what's causing the divisiveness between Democrats and Republicans can be summed up simply: religious fundamentalism has flourished in recent times, and fundamentalists have bridged "the formerly respected separation of church and state.