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The work paid off in amassing a record for the court that overwhelmingly showed that InnerChange and its staff were all about promoting fundamentalist Christianity and deriding other faiths.
Our argument was that Iowa officials could not use public funds to establish what amounted to a fundamentalist church in a state institution and funnel inmates into it, knowing all along that those inmates would be pressured to adopt fundamentalist Christianity and live in a program in which, as InnerChange boasted, "all programming--all day, every day--is Christ-centered.
that will indoctrinate prisoners in fundamentalist Christianity and will be staffed solely with "born-again" Christians.
Description: This fundamentalist ministry uses a rock band to lure youngsters into fundamentalist Christianity.
Legislation that would permit the teaching of "creation science" - that is, fundamentalist Christianity - in public schools has cleared the Indiana Senate.
Institutional support for fundamentalist Christianity in the military has spread and entrenched since September 11, 2001, beginning in haste during the Bush administration and remaining unchallenged by the Obama administration.
We need to transcend the hidebound, archaic religious dogmas of the past which divide humanity--Roman Catholicism, fundamentalist Christianity, Islam, Orthodox Judaism, Hinduism, and others--and reach a new plateau of recognition of our common human needs and interests.
By putting fundamentalist Christianity ``back at the center of public life,'' the religious freedom of all other groups will be trampled, including Catholics and Jews.
They have no use for separation of church and state when they're trying to inject fundamentalist Christianity into the public schools," Boston wrote.
In this regard, perhaps ironically, fundamentalist Islam, Orthodox Judaism, and fundamentalist Christianity have much in common.
6 million people since its beginnings in 1990, has become one of the highest-energy tributes to fundamentalist Christianity since the revivals of Billy Graham in the 1950s.
A government-backed, taxpayer-supported ministry that works to pressure people to adopt fundamentalist Christianity wouldn't be acceptable in the free world.
North American men and women reflect on why and how they turned away from the fundamentalist Christianity that they either had been born into or had previously embraced, some even as ministers.
If George Bush is not removed from office before 2008, then everything he has done -- his doctrine of preemptive war, legalization of torture, undermining the rule of law, and inserting fundamentalist Christianity into the laws, culture and institutions of the country -- will continue no matter who becomes the next president.
reason: People sometimes make comparisons between fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity.