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Synonyms for value

Synonyms for value

a measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance

a level of superiority that is usually high

to make a judgment as to the worth or value of

to have a high opinion of

to recognize the worth, quality, importance, or magnitude of

Synonyms for value

the amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else

relative darkness or lightness of a color

(music) the relative duration of a musical note

an ideal accepted by some individual or group

fix or determine the value of

evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

estimate the value of

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The Administrations silence combined with confusing statements from Secretary Tillerson, who has suggested that our countrys fundamental values can be separated from the foreign policies we pursue, sows confusion both at home and abroad.
Two of these parameters are (1) the time trajectory of fundamental values, and (2) the quantity of cash available for purchases compared to the quantity of assets available for sale.
Step 5: Using percentiles obtained in Step 4, we compute 99 percentiles of fundamental values of college degree and high school diploma for each survey year using Eqs.
Schulz noted that "a new impetus is necessary to revive the fundamental values which are at the basis of Christianity such as solidarity, peace among nations and peoples, tolerance and support for the weakest and the poorest".
Our results also demonstrate that models that gauge a housing bubble by comparing movements in housing price indexes with movements in other indexes or with the values predicted by regression models are flawed, because they assume that market prices fluctuate randomly around fundamental values.
The fundamental values of Jaguar design do not change--not even since Sir William Lyons created the first Jaguar all those years ago.
Hepp's argument about rationality and science as fundamental values for the reorganization he describes, and his attempts to provide a view of the process through participants' eyes, would have been greatly enriched by fuller use of excerpts from primary sources.
Bruce has a track record of strengthening customer and vendor relationships, while building upon fundamental values of quality products and superior customer service," says Fred Austin, who adds that Farnsworth will look to continue and expand upon the company's reputation and success.
However, institutional design has a significant impact on deviations in prices from fundamental values, particularly for an asset with lottery characteristics.
More importantly, it will take from us the ability to reject legislation which would be contrary to our fundamental values.
The so-called "Tiroler Landesordnung" (1526) prescribed a new egalitarian society, in effect a popular Republic, in which the nobility, the wealthy Church, the proto-capitalist merchant monopolies, and the cities would be stripped of their privileges (and in the case of the cities, of their walls) in order construct a new society based on the autonomous village community (the Gemeinde), that would be regional in its scope and Christian in its fundamental values.
By working in each of the systems, students will internalize the fundamental values present in each system and will gain insights into the basic advantages and disadvantages of each system.
After seeking the input of the park's citizen-led advisory commission and the general public, Cape Cod's superintendent, Maria Burks, stated that "it became very apparent that use of personal watercraft was a new use that was inconsistent with the fundamental values and traditional uses of the park.
However, ``the fundamental values (of the company) have not changed since we presented them to you,'' he said.
What fundamental values and meanings are to be found among those who regard themselves as native to the island?
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