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one of the four quantities that are the basis of systems of measurement

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ASCB, the American Society for Cell Biology, is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life.
The fundamental unit is one byte, which is a sequence of eight computer digital memory bits (enough to represent one character -- an "m," for example).
One cubic mile is the world's current consumption of oil each year, and three employees of California-based research institute SRI use it as the fundamental unit of measure against which to compare other sources of energy.
A sum of 200 billion riyals for the education and health sector (40 percent of the total budget) represents a serious initiative by the leadership aimed at the Saudi citizen, who is regarded the foremost and most fundamental unit in the development process, he added.
While article 54 says: "Family is a fundamental unit of society and is protected by the state.
Two articles define the family as the fundamental unit of society and marriage as the union between a man and woman.
Cardiac contractility is driven by the cardiac sarcomere, a highly ordered cytoskeletal structure composed of cardiac myosin, actin and a set of regulatory proteins, and is the fundamental unit of muscle contraction in the heart.
All of the disparate bits of information about a particular event information about where we were in the world and what was happening there, how we felt and thought, how we and others behaved, as well as the consequences of those actions gets yoked together as a single fundamental unit of behavioral intelligence, an experiential network.
Although the whole organism is still the fundamental unit of study, especially for elucidating structures and behaviour, Fortey acknowledges the undoubted advances in molecular studies in recent years, and their value in unravelling knotty taxonomic conundrums.
The family is noted in the constitution as the primary and fundamental unit of society and there is certainly need for a constitutional amendment on this.
But there is no doubt that throughout history, the fundamental unit of civilization has been the family.
With the growth of knowledge in this area, there has been a recognised effort to focus on food as the fundamental unit in nutrition, given the need to provide better food-based advice to populations.
In the conservative vision," he writes, "people are first connected to and part of families: The family, not the individual, is the fundamental unit of society.
From a historical and legal perspective, the family in Latin America is represented consistently as the fundamental unit of society, and as an institution that is essentially patriarchal, based on a system of monogamous marriage, and focused on reproduction.
The executive chairperson of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, told the seminar in Dublin: "The Irish Constitution recognises the family as the primary and fundamental unit of society.
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